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Spill The Tea Group Therapy with Rachel Pedone

Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm @ BesTea

Rachel Spills The Tea...

Rachel Pedone is a licensed psychotherapist. She received her graduate’s degree from LIU in clinical mental health counseling. Shes been in private practice for 5 years and running her own private practice for 3. Besides her degree Rachel also has had her own history of overcoming anxiety and depression which allows her to be extremely relatable. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy and personal focused therapy to help people unlearn and relearn a different thought process for any aspect of their life. She also helps people heal and process their inner child wounds to not have the pain of the past prevent you from who you want to be and how you live your life. Rachel treats clients that struggle with PTSD, anxiety, depression, along with any other challenge that someone is facing. Rachel is known to encourage her clients to do the deep dive work which leads to deep internal healing. She helps her clients dive deep which allows them to transform into the most aligned versions of themselves that they didn’t know they were capable of. Rachel is extremely passionate about being able to help her clients focus on their strengths they have within instead of focusing on the things they aren’t. Life can get in the way and sometimes puts you on the wrong path but Rachel helps others create the path they were destined to be on and get back to who they want to be. Since Rachel’s practice currently has a waitlist you are going to be able to get life changing information, tools, and an incredible insight on how to take your life to the next level.

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