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    "Color Is To The Eye, What Music Is To The Ear"

    "Color Is To The Eye, What Music Is To The Ear"   Choosing the right colors/design for Hitch's exterior was really important to us. The options were endless and the more we discussed, the more confused we got.  We toyed with...

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    That's So Cheesy

    That's So Cheesy!   Merchandise is a huge factor in who you are and what you want to be represented by as a retailer.  While researching and separating merchandise by LOVE IT or I think we can find better, we...

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    Hurricane, Schmerican!

    Hurricane, Schmericane!As a Long Islander and a homeowner, after hurricane Sandy, the mere mention of a storm makes your stomach turn into knots. Having survived Sandy, myself that is, (most of my belongings may they R.I.P.) you want to take all...

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