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"Color Is To The Eye, What Music Is To The Ear"


"Color Is To The Eye, What Music Is To The Ear"


Choosing the right colors/design for Hitch's exterior was really important to us. The options were endless and the more we discussed, the more confused we got.  We toyed with options to keep it classic with dual colors, going full modern, changing it to all one color, even shrink-wrapping the entire camper.  We finally decided that keeping the design as close to it's vintage roots as possible.  DUAL ACTION IS IT!!


After careful consideration and hours of research, we decided to go with Sherwin Williams Paint.  The specific paint we chose for exterior painting already has the primer built in. Such a money saving score for us since we needed to order 2 gallons of each!  This particular paint is called SHER-CRYL™ HPA High Performance Acrylic Gloss Coating. One major catch to this type of paint, it takes one full month to completely dry!  Since we keep Hitch exposed to the natural elements daily, one entire month of drying gives us absolute anxiety. Thankfully we are coming to the end of hurricane season in New York!  PRAY FOR US!!


Now the hard part, choosing the right colors.  We felt like the green/mint family was a good route to go since it's gender neutral (hopefully to cater to both our male and female customers) and very 1960s.  Standing over the color chips, we pulled out all of our favorites.  Some beautiful, but not quite what we were looking for as far as a camper, some completely different from what they looked like hanging on the wall.  We pulled out "Vintage Vessel" and knew immediately this was the color.  The name alone obviously spoke volumes to us.  The harder selection, believe it or not, was the white.  White can be so tricky.  Too pure and it looks shark, too ivory and it looks dirty.  We knew we wanted more of gray/white than anything else.  We pulled out every white option they had.  Put them on the floor next to the green, on the counter, took them outside for natural light, even asked the in-store professional that was helping us her opinion.  We really wanted to make sure we got it right.  We finally decided on "Nebulous White." 


We absolutely cannot wait to see the finish product!!!  


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