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Hurricane, Schmerican!

Hurricane, Schmericane!

As a Long Islander and a homeowner, after hurricane Sandy, the mere mention of a storm makes your stomach turn into knots. Having survived Sandy, myself that is, (most of my belongings may they R.I.P.) you want to take all precautions that are possible.  I live to prep because there is nothing like being prepared.  A wise man once said, "fail to plan, plan to fail."

My first order of business was to make sure Hitch would survive.  The old tires were complete duds as you know. Hitch has sort of a lean to it. A gangster lean, if you will. I'm honestly not even sure how they made it all the way from far eastern Long Island without riding on the hubcaps! But, who knows? Maybe they did!! Anyway, my main priority was to change the tires so it wouldn't completely tip over.  I put Hitch on a car. jack. Well, that did nothing but increase the lean more. I decide to try to change the tires on that one side. Small problem, I CAN'T GET THEM ON!!! I need a life line. I call my Dad, probably not the best idea since he walks with a cane due to an old hip injury. We figure out how this car jack really works and it finally raises. Within seconds, Hitch completely tips over. Knocks into the house!! Naturally, I start screaming bloody murder and all my neighbors come running out with all the excitement.  My dad tells me that we  we need more jacks. I dash to auto barn. This is a serious code blue. (I think blue is emergency? Too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy).  I run in and grab 3 real jacks. Nothing like the budget ones that come with your car. They really rip you off there!! Anyway, I race back and add the three new jacks.  Raise it little by little.  The anticipation was killing me.  Finally, we get it to the right height and we are able to get the tires changed. Thankfully no permanent damage was done.  The only downside, (or upside- depends who you are asking) the hurricane never came! Not even a drizzle. We rushed through that nightmare for nothing! I guess now we are prepared if Mother Nature changes her mind and wants to send another "hurricane" our way.

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