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Everything is designed. Very few things are well designed.


Everything is designed.  Very few things are well designed.


We are still playing around with design inspiration.  Ideas come and go.  Even better ones surface.  It's so hard to commit to one idea when the options are endless.  It's literally worse than packing for a vacation!  If you know us, you totally understand.


We still really love the idea of using the camper for glamping!  We can totally picture us waking up in the morning on beach, mimosa in hand, with our silk robes on, curlers in our hair, and fresh cookies in the oven.  Yes, that how we actually envision us camping.  SILK ROBES AND MIMOSAS!!  We need to really think about how we can make this convertible to a camper and boutique in one.


So needless to say, we are still in the design stages while we just fix up that absolute musts.   We figured what better way to help get design inspiration than walking the NYnow show at the Javits Center in NYC.  It looks like a flea market with basically the same concept.  Instead of you buying for yourself, wholesalers come to shop for their stores.  Or if you are Justina and I, you come to do both! :)




It was very overwhelming! The amount of talent in the hand-made section was truly incredible and definitely inspiring.  We met some amazing local shops and boutiques.  A bunch of companies with super unique items that we really love, almost borderline obsessed with.  We are so excited to start sharing these amazing products with you!!  


Next on the "To Do" list today was to get our registration in order.  We all know that the DMV is one of the worst places on this planet.  We arrived at 8:30am to wait in line to only get a number.  Our number was C856.   Sitting there waiting for our number to be called is like waiting to win the jackpot at bingo.  Thank goodness this place is located in a shopping center! As we waited for our winning number to be called, we decided to risk it and shop the aisles at Home Goods!  Can't wait to keep you all posted!!

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