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 As you already know from reading our first blog, my brain goes a mile a minute.  It must be because the creative portion of my brain always takes full control.  Or at least that's what they say.  The amount of anxiety that has been building up from having this massive RUSTY TIN CAN in my driveway has reached it's total limits. I figured now is as good of a time as ever to start by trying to tackle the rust corroding the hitch.  I want to make it "shine like the top of the Chrysler building," to quote Miss Hannigan from Annie.


After a few days of trolling the internet, reading article after article, I finally felt confident to try some DIY remedies.  All I need is a bottle of Coca-Cola, tin foil, power washer, drill gun, a drill bit, steal pad, patience, and a whole lot of elbow grease.  How hard could this really be?


I started off by power washing. Initially I wanted to just start with the actual hitch, but I went a little crazy and decided to take it to the next level.  I didn't realize how loud the power washer was.  I had that thing going like a mad man.  It was so loud that my dogs (Viola and Vaniston) were shaking.  Viola, the skinny one, decided she was done living with the noise and dug a hole to escape.  We were screaming like a bunch of banshees trying to find her.  Thank god we have awesome neighbors!   Everyone was out there looking for her!  We eventually found her an hour later and a few blocks away from a major road!!




Okay, so back to the DIY rust remedy.  I poured the Coca-Cola on the hitch and let it soak.  As I'm pouring, I'm thinking .. if this is capable of taking the rust off, imagine what it's doing inside our bodies.  I've had my last bottle of coke, for sure!  I didn't get to use all of it.  It was a hot muggy day with the most confused sky I've ever seen.  It didn't know what it wanted to do.  Did it want to shower or thunderstorm, than all of a sudden there were pockets of sun.  The temperature was about 90 degrees with the humidity.  


After letting the Coke soak for about an hour, I take out my trusty power washer again.  I wash off the Coke to find that it did an okay job.  It wasn't a miracle worker, that's for sure.  It probably did a better job of collecting the green flies from the canal by my house.  The drill gun and the steel pad did a better job with constant scrubbing.  The tin foil did absolutely nothing.  I think I'll stick to wrapping up my sandwiches with it instead. 


Check out all the photos!!  Any input, tricks, tips, or direction would be greatly appreciated!!  Let us know what you think about our experience so far!!







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