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Now that we have the exterior of Hitch all washed and clean, we decided it was time to get this baby some new shoes!!  Where do we begin?  Oh of course, a phone call.  We contacted our local mechanic.  After a small chat and his expertise we ordered 2 fresh tires with white hub caps. 



So now it's time to make the ultimate swap.  Old tires for new ones.  Once again, where do we begin?  We need a jack to lift up the camper.  The only thing we could think of was to use the car jack from our car trunk.  You know when you get a flat tire and you are on the side of the road and there is a small emergency kit in your trunk.  Yes, THAT JACK!  Naturally, it wasn't nearly as big as we anticipated it to be.  We crank and crank in the 110 degree weather and nope!  NADA! This is not happening.  We pile up some scrap wood to help with the height issue.  For the most part this seems to work. Now it's time to pull the tire off and it's stuck!!  OK, panic.  NOW WHAT?  WD40!!!!  We start spraying and it starts shooting at us.  The nozzle is backwards!!  Oh lord help us!! Okay, we got this

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